Basic Pistol

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This Course Covers:

This course will teach the fundamentals of marksmanship. Without good, strong fundamentals it is hard to progress forward with your shooting skills.  This course will cover the following skills and give you the foundation to take the next step in your firearms and mind-set training!

  1. Gun Safety
  2. Grip
  3. Stance
  4. Sight Alignment
  5. Trigger Control
  6. Breathing
  7. Follow Through

Once the class participants have learned the proper fundamental, we will cover more advanced skills such as: using cover, reloads, and malfunctions.



Required Gear:

Handgun (Loaner handguns are available upon request)

Ammo- 100 to 150 rounds (Practice ammo is fine, Please no reloads for liability reasons)

Eye and Ear Protection (We will have extra if someone needs them)

Water and snack – The class is 2-3 hours so plan accordingly

Proper Clothing – No Sandles